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We offer a complete range of commercial finance and lease options. Access to a wide range of commercial and private equity lenders means we have a plan that is right for your business needs. Funding from 5K to 15 Million

Application Only To 150K

Complete a one page application

We issue a formal proposal.

On acceptance of terms we process for approval.


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Call us or fill out the easy quote form and we will call you. If we are able to meet your business needs the process is simple.

Capital Lease (Bargain Purchase Buy-Out)
This plan allows you to buy the equipment at the end of the lease term for a nominal amount of $1. 

True Lease (Fair Market Value)
This structure provides you with the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease for its then Fair Market Value. This lease can provide accounting and tax advantages that effectively lower your payment. Avoid being stuck with obsolete or inefficient equipment.

Municipal Lease
This program is available to all city and state agencies such as public school districts, municipal hospitals, police and fire departments. The rates are much lower than standard commercial rates.

Federal Lease
This program is available to all government agencies and departments. The Lessee, rates are  lower than standard commercial rates.

Mini Lease
This lease requires minimal paper work and is normally available for transaction up to 150K.

Deferred Payment
This program is attractive to companies in which the equipment will be used for a project that won't generate revenue for a short period of time, possibly three to six months. The lease is structured so that the initial months have nominal or no payments.

Seasonal Payment
This lease is designed for those businesses with seasonal cash flows. We can design a lease where the payments might be lower during the summer months and higher during the rest of the year.

Step-up / Step-down payments
This can be structured so that lease payments can be set up to match a company's cash flow needs. Payments can start low and then increase during the later years of the lease, or payments can start high and then decrease, minimizing finance charges.

Working Capital Loan
Any type of Equipment can be financed when you qualify for a working capital loan.



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Premium commercial credit for qualified companies.

Lease structures and terms based on your business needs.


Corporate only equipment leasing is available to qualified privately held companies. General guidelines as follows:
bulletTime in Business - 5 to 7 Years
bulletEmployees - 25 or more
bulletSales Revenue -  10 Million
bulletPaydex - 60 plus

Skip Payment Leases

Deferred Payment Plans

Advance Project Funding

Seasonal Programs

Sale Lease Back Programs

Step up Step Down

Working Capital Loans

Small business equipment financing available. Including startup businesses with less than 2 years and less than perfect credit customers. Advanced project funding for qualified vendors.

Large variety of equipment financed. Business enterprise software leasing programs, used medical equipment leasing, precision instrument financing, precision scales, office furniture leasing, material handling equipment, RFID installations, WMS software funding and much more.

Lease Finance Plans
One Page Application for up to 150K
Delayed payment plans for startup.
Skip payment plans for seasonal business.
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Blue Water Leasing can assemble a superior program that will meet their needs now, as well as allow for future growth and flexibility. Call 1.888.480.8532 to speak with one of our leasing and financing specialists about your specific needs.


Fast approvals! Virginia commercial equipment leasing Northern Virginia

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